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Aston Barrett Jr

Aston Barrett Jr is an accomplished studio owner, multi instrumental reggae musician, and a member the distinguished music group The Wailers that have performed with the iconic Bob Marley during the late 1960’s to the day of today. Aston Barrett Jr is the son of the legendary bassist Aston Barrett and nephew of the most is influential reggae drummer of all times Carlton Barrett. It’s of no surprise to see where his driven success and accomplishments came from, capturing the depth of the groove while contrasting harmonics through the creative process. “ I don’t play bass, I speak Bass’’ Aston Barrett Jr once said in an interview with Halifax Blogger Fateh Ahmed. As a musician he shared the stage with prominent and leading music figures such as Lauren Hill, NAS, Julian Marley and many others, yet as a studio owner he worked with numerous artists including the iconic Wayne Stoddart and is currently working on a new album with various members of The Wailers aiming to capture and create psychedelic reggae baselines with new and innovative sound to be released. The album is characterized by combining the power of feel and extermination. As a studio owner of BAD Lions, he is constantly testing & experimenting with gear & sounds to ensure the productions speak for themselves.

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Alaina Reed

Alaina Reed remembers loving music as far back as her memories go. She used to sit in front of her father’s turntable for hours as a small child playing records. She played the cello & clarinet in school & started playing bass guitar about 15 years ago. Shortly after she picked up the bass, she started playing blues with many of South Florida’s local treasures including, David Shelley & Bluestone, Billy & Michael Vazquez, JP Soars, Joel DaSilva, Gonzalo Bergara, & the Shadowcasters. She also played in top 40 and R&B bands, but it was reggae music that really captured her heart, when she fell in love with the sound & message of Bob Marley & the Wailers. She became completely obsessed with the bass lines of Aston Familyman Barrett and spent countless hours submerging herself in Jamaican culture & music. She has had the pleasure to work with such great artists like the Abyssinians, the Melodians, Leroy Sibbles, Tanya Stephens, Mikey Dread, Red Fox, Everton Blender, Wayne Stoddart, Troy Genius, Red Rat, Causion, Maurice Gregory, Gubu Coparchy, Squidly Cole, & many others… She is currently the bass player for Reggae Force Band. She has had the honor of learning from some of the legends of reggae music including, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, Earl Chinna Smith, Benbow Creary, Dave Richards, Brian Fontenelle, Junior Jazz, Chris Meredith, Squidly Cole, & of course Aston Familyman Barrett Jr.

She had the vision to build a recording studio where live music could be recorded & enjoyed. BAD Lions Productions & Studio is the result of this. She co-owns the studio & full production company with exceptionally talented business partners, Aston Barrett Jr., Brian Fontenelle & Dave Richards. Other than the studio & playing music, she is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, dog trainer, Shamanic Energy Healer, Equine Massage Therapist, equestrian, animal lover, & tree-hugging environmentalist.

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